Ingenico offers real-time sales consolidation via Blackberry

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico has just unveiled the world’s first system to deliver real-time multi-store sales data consolidation via BlackBerry®. Independent merchants, point-of-sale managers and company executives are thus offered a powerful tool for instant sales tracking.

This innovative system operates on Ingenico’s i8500 terminals, which use GPRS technology to transmit cash register data via electronic messaging to one or more pre-selected BlackBerry devices. The terminals send the data for each additional sale or for a given sales volume – set at €1,000 per terminal, for example. With card transactions, the terminal merely retrieves the relevant payment data (amount, store, time) and sends an e-mail or SMS message to the BlackBerry. In the case of cash or check transactions, the cash register conveys the necessary data to the i8500, which then forwards it to the BlackBerry.

Sales data from terminals at multiple locations – even stores in several countries – is directly and immediately consolidated on the designated BlackBerries. All it takes is a quick glance at these devices to be able to monitor daily, weekly or monthly sales figures in real time. The application can also display sales trend curves, along with key statistics such as average transaction size per store and the standard deviation for sales per POS.

This new system highlights Ingenico’s ability to deliver innovative solutions that add real value to clients. It also shows that the company’s devices are fully compatible with current market standards, since Ingenico can easily make the same link available on other PDAs or even certain cell phones.

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