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ABN Amro joins with Techstars on sustainable supply chain challenge

Source: ABN Amro

How can you optimise the environment, social impact, and financial returns in the supply chain?

This complex challenge requires vision, enterprising spirit, and resolve. In partnership with Techstars, ABN AMRO will pursue opportunities that help put the supply chain on a more sustainable path. From operational excellence to a more sustainable supply chain. But how?

Before a product makes it to a retail shelf, it travels halfway across the world. A journey that has significant consequences for our planet. Global supply chains have grown into a complex web that impacts the ability of companies to improve their sustainability performance. So it is high time for global collaboration, groundbreaking ideas, and action! Together with twelve other companies, ABN AMRO and Techstars have launched the Sustainability Challenge to raise awareness about improving sustainability in these supply chains. The Sustainability Challenge sign-up starts today! Keep reading to find out more!
Supply chains

Improving sustainability in supply chains continues to be a key challenge. Globalisation of the economy has turned the production of goods into a complex game among companies, manufacturers, and suppliers. Lack of transparency in the activities of each link in the chain makes it difficult for companies and consumers to actively contribute to sustainability. Creating transparency in the activities of suppliers will help in identifying opportunities for improvement and mitigating the adverse impact on the environment. But that is easier said than done.
Sustainability Challenge

With the Sustainability Challenge, we aim to find innovative solutions and the best talent to address these complex challenges. Our mission is to connect world-class entrepreneurs and startups with leading companies and knowledge institutes to develop innovative and practical solutions that help improve sustainability across supply chains. Only through collaboration and improving sustainability in supply chains as a whole can we help our clients with their transition and make a positive impact on industries, markets, and people around the world. With support from Techstars and sustainability market leaders, the winners of the challenge will have the opportunity to turn their idea into reality.

Sign up starts today and ends 8 March 2021.

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