TT releases charting software; opens Hong Kong office

Source: Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) announced today the launch of X_STUDY, a new charting and analysis application that extends the strength of TT’s recently launched X_TRADER® 7 trading platform. X_STUDY supports chart-based execution and incorporates traditional charting tools as well as numerous features that are unique to TT.

These include innovative capabilities like TT CVD™ (Cumulative Volume Delta) analysis, new ways to chart spreads and advanced data elements. X_STUDY, which is TT's first charting product, is available to X_TRADER 7 users at no additional cost.
Harris Brumfield, TT CEO, said, "The release of X_STUDY supports our mission to provide our customers with the best possible trading platform. We expect traders will benefit from X_STUDY's many innovative features including the volume analysis provided through TT CVD™, chart-based execution with an MD Trader®-style interface and our unique charting capabilities."
"X_STUDY builds on the innovation of TT's new X_TRADER 7 trading platform. We designed X_STUDY to provide our customers with the most robust tools for charting and data analysis. Extensive alpha and beta testing indicates that X_STUDY's advanced capabilities and unique features will give X_TRADER users an important advantage in today's competitive markets," said Steve Decker, Product Manager for X_STUDY.
X_STUDY features include the following: • Unique high-performance architecture optimized for speed: X_STUDY receives executable prices direct from TT's high-performance exchange gateways, while historical price requests are serviced by X_STUDY's Financial Market Data Server (FMDS). This innovative architecture optimizes speed and bandwidth. The gateway supplied price stream ensures up-to-date analytics, which means decisions can be translated into action more quickly.
• Integrated execution: Customizable charts incorporate an MD Trader-style grid, which displays market depth aligned with the chart bars. The grid supports single-click and dragand- drop trading along with other MD Trader features. Users also can access X_STUDY working orders from X_TRADER.
• Innovative volume analysis: X_STUDY incorporates TT CVD (Cumulative Volume Delta), a tool unique to TT that quantifies accumulation and distribution. Other innovative volume analysiolume analysis features include six types of volume displays; the ability to select Only Buys, Only Sells or All Trades; Buy volume vs. Sell volume comparisons; and Volume Delta analysis to indicate the net difference between buying and selling volume.
• Unique position study: X_STUDY plots fills directly on the position chart as they are received by X_TRADER, which means users can visually analyze their trading in real time and quickly make adjustments to their strategies.
• New spread charting capabilities: Spread charts provide a realistic market view with Bid/Bid—Ask/Ask comparisons. They incorporate full charting functionality with displays in either net change or spread price.
• Traditional charting tools: X_STUDY provides a complete array of chart styles and technical indicators, including dozens of the most popular technical studies. Full-featured drawing tools including trendlines, Fibonacci retracements/extensions, horizontal/vertical lines, text annotations and "snap to" for exact placement.
• Clean user interface: Users can customize interface colors and fonts and save workspaces and layouts for easy future access. X_STUDY's adaptable interface also maximizes screen real estate and provides multi-monitor support.
• Consolidated with X_TRADER: X_STUDY will chart every product that is tradable in X_TRADER. It captures all X_TRADER data and to provide the most comprehensive charts and analytics.
• No extra cost: X_STUDY is provided to X_TRADER 7 users at no extra cost. It is compatible with both X_TRADER and X_TRADER Pro.
"We are very excited TT is bundling X_STUDY, a functionally rich charting software, with X_TRADER® 7. Synchronized price updates with X_TRADER will make for precise and high volume trading. We plan to deploy to our TT customers immediately," said John Demartino, Co- Director, Customer Trading of Goldenberg, Hehmeyer & Co. Seperately, Trading Technologies today announced it has opened a sales and support office in Hong Kong. The company now operates three offices in the Asia/Pacific region, with other locations including Tokyo and Sydney.
The Hong Kong office serves as TT's Asia/Pacific headquarters. Robbie McDonnell, who served as Managing Director of Sales based in TT's London office since 1998, has transferred to Hong Kong and will manage TT's Asia/Pacific operations, reporting to Tim Geannopulos, EVP Global Sales. McDonnell is succeeded in London by Steven Stewart, who previously served as General Manager – EMEA with the eSignal division of Interactive Data.
"Futures trading is becoming ever more prevalent in Asia, and many of our customers are growing a presence in this region. The expansion of our operations in Asia underscores our commitment to serve our global customer base. We look forward to working with both current and new customers in this vibrant market," said Harris Brumfield, TT's CEO.

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