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Beeks launches analytics-as-a-service

Source: Beeks

Beeks Group today announced the launch of Beeks Analytics as a Service, a new network monitoring and trade analytics tool.

Beeks Analytics as a Service is an industry-first, cloud-neutral monitoring solution for the financial markets and uses Velocimetrics technology to provide financial clients with the ability to consume powerful wire-based analytics as a cloud hosted offering.

“Up until today, clients putting in place a network monitoring and analytics solution have needed to wait for hardware to be delivered and configured before they can benefit,” explained Matthew Cretney, Head of Product Management for Beeks, ‘or they have found themselves locked in with one particular hosting provider, taking away their freedom of choice as to how they operate their infrastructure.”

“At Beeks we believe clients should be able to subscribe to these analytics as a hosted service offering, without the delays and complexity that is associated with many on-premises solutions, and without the rolling appliance hardware refresh costs which tie-up internal resources.”

Existing Beeks customers will be able to add sophisticated network monitoring capabilities of Beeks Analytics as a Service to their existing deployments at LD4 or NY4 with just a single click in the Beeks self-service portal.

In addition, the launch of the service will spread the benefit of this speed beyond the existing Beeks hosted customer base. In a first for financial markets network monitoring, other customers, who have their own separate hosting arrangements on the Equinix LD4 and NY4 campuses, will be able to monitor their systems using Beeks Analytics as a Service.

Beeks Analytics as a Service is the first time that this sophisticated analytics has been made available natively in the cloud to any client, regardless of who they choose to host their infrastructure.

“We made the decision not to restrict the offering just to Beeks customers.” Matt commented on the decision to make the offering cloud-neutral. “We felt that it was important to offer a neutral monitoring offering in addition to our offering for Beeks customers. Beeks Analytics as a Service is securely hosted on dedicated hardware within Beeks Financial Cloud, at the same campuses as the infrastructure that clients will be monitoring. Clients gain the flexibility of cloud-based analytics without having to compromise on the location of their data.”

“We feel there will be strong take-up for this product in the FX market”, said Gordon McArthur, Beeks CEO, “This is a market where customers need to manage connectivity to large numbers of different sources of liquidity. However, given the data centres where the service is live we also expect to see strong interest from other asset classes.”

Beeks confirmed that the Analytics as a Service offering will be able to monitor all of the essential metrics which financial clients require. The service calculates and reports on all of the important financial markets measurements, including fine-granularity microburst detection, gap detection, TCP anomaly detection and financial protocol decode and latency measurement. These are all backed by Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time synchronisation that some financial regulations require, as well as robust access to packet captures.

Clients for whom a hosted service is not appropriate will still be able to deploy the Beeks Analytics software on their own premises, and will be able to choose the appropriate solution for their needs, from the entry-level packet capture storage and telemetry provided by the stream2Cloud offering, to the rich correlation and multiple data centre deployment which is possible with the VMX EndToEnd offering.

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