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CaixaBank rolls out real-time currency trading platform

Source: CaixaBank

CaixaBank presents FX Now, its new online platform that lets customers trade currencies in real time, 24 hours a day, in an agile and secure way, and with no intermediaries.

The new platform enables customers to easily choose what currencies they want to buy and sell, and when to make the transaction - either at that time or on a future date. All customers of company banking, corporate banking, entrepreneurs, and international customers will be able to make transactions through this innovative system that is the most agile on the market.

FX Now stands out for its user-friendly platform, which has an intuitive and simple interface; for the platform's agility, which lets users specify transactions in just two clicks - entering the nominal amount and term -; as well as for its ease of contracting, with a contractual framework that means customers do not have to sign transactions individually, reducing the resulting administrative load after each operation.

In addition, FX Now lets users view the various transactions carried out up to now and displays them in multiple charts that specify the customer's performance. Users will be able to customise their accounts, positioning different services and contents according to their needs. Similarly, the platform has a news section displaying the most relevant current information on the markets.

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