Volante offers Swift-certified kit on SpikeSource open source stacks

Source: Volanté Technologies

Volanté Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of platform independent data management solutions for the financial services industry, today announced that Volanté products are now fully configured and optimized for use with SpikeSource Spike Stacks. Volanté data management products, which run in J2EE and .NET environments, support a wide variety of solutions used by the financial services industry including payments, corporate actions, market data and trade processing. By working with SpikeSource, Volanté offers customers solutions that are thoroughly tested and certified with all of the open source infrastructure required to run in mission critical environments.

SpikeSource provides Volanté with Spike Stacks including Java, Apache and MySQL components that are guaranteed to work with Volanté solutions. This enables reliable and lower cost solutions for financial services based on business-ready open source infrastructure, with end-to-end testing and a single point of support.

As Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) have gained wider acceptance in the financial services industry, the demand to run business applications on open source products has increased. Volanté delivers solutions on complete open source stack that offer a higher level of flexibility and cost effectiveness than their proprietary counterparts.

"Business savvy professionals in financial services do not have to think twice about open source products now. By running a SWIFT certified solution on an open source stack fully supported by SpikeSource, customers are assured of a reliable and risk free offering." said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volanté Technologies "Volante is committed to providing the flexibility for our customers to choose their platform, open source being one of them.”
“Volanté gives financial services a long-awaited cost-effective middleware alternative,” said Jamshed Patel, vice president of solutions at SpikeSource. “By working together our two companies are eliminating risk and giving companies a safe way to take advantage of open source."

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