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Flinks launches data connectivity tool for Canadian wealth management platforms

Source: Flinks

Flinks today announced the launch of Investments, a data connectivity solution that enables financial businesses to retrieve user-permissioned data from wealth and investment accounts across more than 75 platforms.

Investments provides a wide range of service providers — including wealth professionals, finance management apps and robo-advisors — with the data connectivity solution they need to digitally acquire clients, holistically manage accounts, and streamline user experience. Through Investments, information is standardized across each institution, allowing providers to understand and use financial data in a straightforward manner.

Available immediately, Investments is based on Flinks’ market-leading connectivity technology. Trusted by hundreds of institutions, including National Bank of Canada and Wealthsimple, Flinks has enabled one out of every three Canadians to share their retail banking information with the financial service providers of their choice, through simple and secure connections to their accounts.

“Retail wealth management is a cornerstone of Canadians’ financial well-being. Yet, as a whole, the industry hasn’t fully adapted to the digital era,” said Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, CEO of Flinks. “With Investments, our goal is to digitize and simplify how Canadian wealth professionals and service providers access, transform and act upon the data that they need. We’ve already seen this happen within retail banking through their creation of world-class digital products. This expansion into retail wealth management opens up even more opportunities for the Canadian investor.”

This launch also marks the expansion of Flinks’ financial data network, which enables service providers to retrieve multiple types of financial information in order to diversify their offerings, improve their products and build the financial institutions of the future. 

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