OptionsLive goes live

Source: OptionsLive

A team of former options traders has launched OptionsLive, a sophisticated platform allowing institutions to trade US listed options with unsurpassed levels of transparency, insight and execution quality.

OptionsLive is built on OpenFin, the financial markets’ operating system (OS), allowing traders to utilize highly customized workflows through a unified trading, data and analytics desktop.

For years, options traders have relied on legacy solutions that have lacked interoperability and hindered execution quality, requiring traders to aggregate spreadsheets, market data providers and legacy execution platforms.

OptionsLive’s fully electronic workflow addresses these challenges with:

• Fractional pricing for greater
• precision and lower costs

• Volatility and price-based
• execution through proprietary algos

• Real-time graphics with
• historical analytics

• Trade executions covered
• without spread risk

• Streaming market quotes
• on working orders

• Unified access to derived
• and exchange data

By performing calculations on the same intuitive interface where they can submit orders, traders obtain better execution and a heightened level of efficiency, while eliminating the need for proprietary models.

“With OptionsLive, exchange-traded options traders can now have greater transparency, less slippage and improved profitability,” said David Hoffman, co-head of OptionsLive. “By partnering with OpenFin, we’re ensuring that this advanced technology is offered to the entire marketplace, and is easily integrated into traders’ desktops.”

“Technology in the options market has been slow to address the real-time data requirements that traders demand, and OptionsLive tackles those issues head on,” said Chuck Doerr, President & COO of OpenFin. “It’s exciting to be working with the team as they unveil a solution that could dramatically change the dynamics of the entire options ecosystem.”

Implementation for OptionsLive is fast and easy with the flexibility to be deployed into existing infrastructure, allowing banks, asset managers and hedge funds to be up and running in days.

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