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OneBanks forms partnership with Nuapay

Source: OneBanks

OneBanks, the future of high street banking, has announced a global partnership with open banking pioneer Nuapay, a Sentenial company, as part of its purpose to bring back banking with humans and enable financial inclusion for all.

A new concept in retail banking, OneBanks will provide fully-manned, accessible kiosks in retail locations with limited or no banking facilities. The offering is anchored in ground-breaking technology and open-banking.

Effective immediately, OneBanks and Nuapay will partner to deliver the future of payments reliably and securely – helping people to learn to trust digital payments by using simple, straightforward and reliable solutions for their everyday banking. Customers can decide on their preferred method of transaction: cash, card, contactless, mobile, digital.

OneBanks and Nuapay are working to launch OneBanks by the end of 2020.

Explains OneBanks founder & CEO, Duncan Cockburn: “Both fast-growth businesses, Nuapay and OneBanks share a vision to provide financial inclusion for everyone. Making sure that no-one is left behind. We will be providing everyday banking to people and SMEs in communities where high street banks no longer have the locations they would like. Nuapay is an innovative future-facing company and we have many joint initiatives on the horizon.”

Comments Sentenial Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Hanrahan: “OneBanks is a remarkable new Fintech harnessing the possibilities unleashed by open banking and real-time payments to create a compelling service with positive social outcomes. We are delighted that they have chosen to build their business on top of the Nuapay platform and we look forward to a ground-breaking partnership.”

Cockburn who is in negotiation with UK banks and is set to announce a series of partnerships to support OneBanks, adds: “The last few months have seen a radical change in the world as we know it, and it’s no surprise people are drawn towards brands that listen to their new wants and needs. OneBanks wants to be a part of this new world and is using new, advanced technology to do something a little old fashioned: bring banking back to people.” 

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