CBI Globe extends Open Banking system reach to all Italian banks

Source: CBI Globe

CBI Globe - Global Open Banking Ecosystem, the innovative platform developed by CBI in order to help its members meet the PSD2 obligations, is now the first ecosystem enabling third parties to reach 100% of online current accounts in Italy.

Thanks to the integration between CBI Globe and the bank’s proprietary app “Connecta Open”, Banca Popolare di Puglia e Basilicata (BPPB) is the first Italian lender to take full advantage of such new digital services, thus becoming part of a dynamic open finance ecosystem.

Created by CBI, the think tank for innovation for the payments market in the financial industry promoted by the Italian Banking Association, CBI Globe aims to simplify the collaboration between Payment Service Providers (PSP), fintech, companies and Public Administration and to provide innovative solutions for both retail and corporate customers. Today, the platform has already enabled 80% of Italian banking market to provide features required by PSD2. Among those, the ability to reach European platforms and integrate other fields and Public Administration’s services.

The collaboration between BPPB and CBI has allowed the bank to offer multiple services to its customers on a single platform, enabling the integration of 100% of online current accounts via APIS (Application Program Interfaces). This translates into the possibility of distributing advanced digital services through a tidy and complete view of each user’s finances, thus allowing to keep balances, expenses and transactions easily under control and make payments from any account.

“We are glad that BPPB has proactively and promptly grasped the benefits of joining CBI Globe. This is the first international collaborative ecosystem of open finance that allows third parties to reach 100% of online current accounts in Italy as well as European platforms. - says Liliana Fratini Passi, CEO at CBI -. In the context of a pandemic, where the demand and supply of digital services have grown substantially, CBI has proven its pivotal role in enhancing both the capabilities and investments of the whole financial system, developing further digital services to support the new Open Government plan.”

“Connecta Open” allows to promptly meet PSD2 requirements with efficient and clear solutions for users, whilst supporting the technological innovation”, says Leonardo Patroni Griffi, Chairman at BPPB. The spread of the new Open Banking models allows customers to take advantage of financial services including third-party banks and new innovative features autonomously.

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