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ETC Labs partners Chainalysis

Source: ETC Labs

Part of our mission at ETC labs is to address fundamental challenges in developing and deploying blockchain technology and to continuously bring resources and solutions to the blockchain ecosystem.

To make good on that promise, this year we’ve partnered with OpenGSN to significantly lower gas cost on ETC, ChainSafe on the development of Chainbridge, and worked with Gitcoin on several bounties as a part of NYBW.

Now, through our partnership with Chainalysis, we’re offering Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) an automated transaction monitoring solution, and training certifications platform at a reduced rate to our accelerator startups. Chainalysis KYT combines industry-leading blockchain intelligence, an easy-to-use interface, and a real-time API to reduce manual workflows while helping cryptocurrency businesses comply with local and global regulations. Special for this partnership, Chainalysis will also offer the ETC Labs startups, projects, and grantees access to Chainalysis subject matter experts on compliance and regulation to help companies and projects scope their requirements.

“Compliance is critical for many cryptocurrency businesses, particularly those offering some form of exchange, custody, or other money services. But cryptocurrency compliance is complex, and it’s often a barrier to entry for founders starting a cryptocurrency business,” said Jason Bonds, CRO at Chainalysis.

“This partnership reflects a necessary resource and is a natural progression for our companies building on ETC; leveling the playing field for early-stage startups to successfully and responsibly build their companies while staying informed,” said James Wo, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs.

With Chainalysis you can:
o Automate Compliance and Reporting.
o Easily integrate with Chainalysis KYT via an API and immediately start monitoring large volumes of activity and identify high-risk transactions in real-time across Ethereum Classic and other top cryptocurrencies.
o Conduct periodic reviews of your user base knowing that the latest data is seamlessly and automatically included.
o Chainalysis KYT is a cryptocurrency transaction monitoring software that detects high-risk activity from OFAC sanctioned addresses and darknet markets, to scams and anomalous transactions. 

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