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P2P lender Plenti files for IPO

Source: Plenti

Today, we notified our investors that Plenti Group Limited (Plenti) has lodged a prospectus for a forthcoming initial public offering (IPO) of ordinary shares of Plenti and listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) which is expected to occur in September 2020.

We see an IPO as the best option for providing the funding needed to support Plenti’s next stage of growth.

We also believe that being listed on the ASX will support the achievement of our ambitions, not only through providing capital for us to continue to invest in building market-leading technology and products, but also through bringing increased awareness to our brand and product offerings, for both borrowers and investors, and other offerings that may follow as we look to continue our journey of scaling and diversifying Plenti.

Member offer

The prospectus is available to Australian and New Zealand investors in electronic form at www.plenti.com.au/IPO. The offer constituted by the prospectus is available only to Australian and New Zealand residents accessing that website within Australia or New Zealand during the offer period. It is not available to persons in other jurisdictions (including the United States). If you access an electronic version of the prospectus you should ensure that you download and read the prospectus in its entirety.

Applications for shares will be open to members in the coming weeks as described in the prospectus. Members will receive an email with further details on how to apply for shares when the Plenti Member Offer is open.

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