Marex Financial selects LavaFX platform

Source: Lava Trading

Lava Trading Inc., the innovative technology firm that develops high-performance trading solutions for the financial services industry, today announced that MAREX Financial has selected Lava's LavaFX product suite to provide foreign exchange trading services to MAREX clients.

MAREX is a FSA authorized and regulated independent financial services company, offering trading services for exchange and non-exchange traded futures and options.

Built upon Lava's leading, proprietary technology core, LavaFX provides a premier offering in electronic foreign exchange trading. It offers a Central Limit Order Book of live dealable prices, full price transparency and depth of book, and the ability to place bids and offers, together with Lava's sophisticated order types. The system aggregates multiple sources of FX liquidity into a single access point, which can be tapped via the fast, intuitive LavaFX user interface, or through a FIX API geared towards model and program traders.

"We are very pleased to partner with a technology pioneer such as Lava," said Farooq Muzammal, Head of Foreign Exchange at MAREX Financial. "Offering access to Lava's comprehensive suite of foreign exchange trading features is in keeping with our commitment to provide MAREX's clients with robust and advanced electronic trading solutions."

"We welcome this collaboration with MAREX," said David Ogg, Chief Executive Officer, LavaFX. "LavaFX is designed to meet the demanding needs of institutional FX traders seeking anonymous, high-liquidity trading destinations. We are confident our fast, reliable and intelligent FX trading solution will prove very valuable to MAREX's clients."

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