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Everlink and Interac announce mulit-year extension to tokenization deal

Source: Everlink

Everlink Payment Services Inc. is very pleased to announce a multi-year extension of its Mobile Tokenization Service Provider agreement (TSP) with Interac Corp.

Since 2015, Everlink has extended and expanded its strategic partnership with Interac while continuing to play a critical role as a member of the Interac® TSP consortium. The platform enables Canadian debit cardholders to make secure Interac Debit payments with their mobile device or mobile wallet through a process referred to as tokenization. Throughout the payment lifecycle, the cardholder’s debit card number is replaced with a token, allowing third-party vendors to safely handle transaction information while cardholder credentials remain protected.

With this new agreement in place until July 2025, Everlink will continue to maintain and operate the transaction gateway interface to and from the Interac TSP platform, routing services between Canadian Issuers and Acquirers via the Inter-Member Network (IMN) as well as credential fulfillment for all issuers. This includes processing all Interac Debit on mobile point-of-sale, in-app and in-browser payments acquired using any of the major mobile wallets on behalf of all issuers in Canada.

“Digital payments continue to accelerate in Canada, and our strategic relationships are core to delivering on these secure payment options. In addition to the Interac TSP, we are also working with Everlink to accelerate the enablement of eCommerce merchants and processors to support in-app and in-browser payments with Interac Debit through Everlink’s eHUB™, widening access to eCommerce solutions that may have been out of reach to many,” says William Keliehor, Chief Commercial Officer, Interac Corp.

“Everlink has been a proud strategic partner to Interac for well over 15 years, and with the tremendous adoption and growth of mobile payments in Canada in recent years, we’re delighted to continue playing an integral role in the Interac TSP consortium” says Mark Ripplinger, President and CEO of Everlink, “With this renewal firmly in place, as well as our work with Interac to accelerate delivery of in-app and in-browser solutions to market through our eHUB™ platform, we are very excited about the opportunities that lay ahead.”

The multi-year extension of the Interac TSP agreement coupled with Interac’s work to leverage Everlink’s eHUB™ platform will also lay the foundation for other innovative solutions, such as transit open payment. This partnership will help merchants and payment service providers alike to easily adopt and further promote debit eCommerce in a rapidly growing digital economy. For more information on all Everlinks products and services, please contact your Everlink Account Executive.

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