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SBI takes 10% stake in Nomura/NRI blockchain unit Boostry

Source: Nomura

Nomura Holdings, Inc. today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) and SBI Holdings, Inc. (SBI) to transfer a portion of the shares it owns in BOOSTRY Co., Ltd., Nomura’s joint venture1 with NRI, to SBI. After the share transfer, Nomura will own 56%, NRI 34% and SBI 10% of BOOSTRY’s shares.

Under the MOU, the three companies also plan to form a business alliance regarding BOOSTRY’s operation and business.

The three companies have agreed to the fundamental aspects of the alliance, which aims to use the companies’ expertise, skills, personnel and other resources to jointly create a platform in Japan for security token transactions and promote digital asset related businesses through BOOSTRY to facilitate such transactions. Execution of the alliance is subject to an evaluation of the alliance’s impact and the signing of a final agreement.

Nomura, NRI and SBI aim to bring together their know-how and experience on blockchain technology and security tokens in order to expand BOOSTRY’s business and allow for shared use of its token platform within the industry. By accelerating the widespread use of BOOSTRY’s platform, the three companies also seek to contribute to the sound development of the industry.

Nomura Group is actively working to diversify financial transactions using ICT technology. Digital asset related businesses leveraging blockchain are expected to offer new services in the capital markets. By collaborating with a wide range of partners and adopting different approaches, Nomura will strive to swiftly provide products and services to meet the needs of society.

The impact of the alliance on Nomura’s consolidated financial results is expected to be minimal.

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