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CaixaBank's imagin launches sustainability initiative

Source: CaixaBank

imagin, the digital services and lifestyle platform for young people from CaixaBank, Spain’s leading retail bank, is implementing a sustainability strategy with the aim of consolidating an environmental action model that is a benchmark in the digital field, covering the full range of its activities.

In particular, the goal is to have a minimum impact on the environment and to help channel support for third-party social and business initiatives that benefit the environment and society.

Specifically, imagin will focus on supporting five of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the UN in its 2030 Agenda: sustainable cities and communities (goal 11); responsible production and consumption (goal 12); climate action (goal 13); life below water (goal 14); and life on land (goal 15).

From the users' point of view, this sustainability strategy materialises primarily in the launch of imaginPlanet, a themed area for content and services that, starting today, will be part of the imagin mobile application (aimed at users over 18 years of age). imaginPlanet will gather information and content of interest on the topic of sustainability, and it will also offer information on projects supporting social and environmental causes, whether the bank's own projects or others led by people or organisations to whom imagin can lend its support.

In addition to the launch of imaginPlanet, the platform will apply sustainability criteria throughout its business strategy and action guidelines. For instance, as incentives for new customers, traditional gifts will be replaced with sustainable actions such as reforestation or donations to charitable causes. imagin will also develop a complete line of products, services, agreements and initiatives based on sustainability in order to generate a positive impact on the planet and on society as a whole.

Launch plan

One of the first actions to be carried out in imaginPlanet will be the project to reforest a mountain located in the municipal district of Las Rozas de Valdearroyo (Cantabria), which suffered a fire in 2016. To lead the initiative and disseminate it among the imaginer community, the digital platform will partner with photographer, traveller and digital influencer Daniel Illescas, who will travel through northern Spain by bicycle from 25 July until he reaches the Cantabrian mountain, where imagin will plant a tree for every kilometre travelled by the popular influencer.

imagin will also collaborate with sailor Didac Costa, the only Spaniard to have participated in two consecutive editions of the Vendeé Globe 2020, the solo round the world regatta, without stops or assistance, on board the IOC-UNESCO flagship boat, "One Planet One Ocean". During his preparation and journey, Didac will share, first-hand and through imaginPlanet, the environmental reality of the oceans and the importance of preserving them.

In the food sphere, imagin is also kick-starting a collaboration project with Too Good To Go, a European movement that is combatting food waste and which uses an app to connect establishments that have surplus food with users who buy that food at a reduced price so that it is not wasted. Through this agreement, digital content will be created to raise awareness about the issue of food waste. In addition, there are plans to launch actions in the form of challenges that encourage the imaginer community to save food and avoid wasting it.

imagin, a sustainable model

imagin's sustainability plan also means that the entire business and organisation model is committed to criteria of coherence, social and environmental commitment, transparency and innovation. In this regard, in addition to promoting awareness of sustainability among its users, imagin will internally promote the adoption of sustainable habits in its physical spaces and will encourage its employees to get involved in social and environmental causes through programmes in collaboration with leading organisations.

imagin's commitment to sustainability is also visible in the bank's own branches, where a paperless and non-plastic culture has been established. In addition, eco-friendly mobility is promoted among employees, with an area available for parking bikes and electric scooters, and programmes will be launched for staff to collaborate with organisations committed to sustainability.

Thanks to the design of this sustainability model, imagin is currently in the final stages of obtaining the international "B Corp" seal, which certifies the organisation's compliance with the highest standards in the fields of social and environmental matters, public transparency and corporate social responsibility to balance financial profits with social goals. Companies certified by B Corps incorporate a legal requirement to take into account their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment in decision-making processes, thereby accelerating a global cultural change that seeks to redefine business success and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

2.6 million imaginers

imagin, which presented its new phase on 17 June, is a digital lifestyle community where its users can find digital content and exclusive experiences and services, both of a financial and a non-financial nature.

With 2.6 million users, it offers three mobile apps that are fully adapted to young people's interests, covering all ages from childhood to adulthood: imaginKids (from 0 to 11 years old, with a focus on financial education); imaginTeens (for adolescents between 12 and 17 years old) and imagin (from 18 years old).

imagin's digital content is organised along five major themes: music (imaginMusic), video games (imaginGames), trends (imaginCafé), technology (imaginShop) and sustainability (imaginPlanet). Imagin also offers special experiences and benefits in spheres such as travel, with agreements with Booking, eDreams and Hoteles.com, and urban mobility, through eCooltra, Rentalcars, Reby and Bip&Drive.

Finally, the imagin application offers a range of financial products to cover the savings and financing needs of young people who have entered adulthood and who are starting to earn their first income and make their own lifestyle plans.

In all cases, imagin maintains the characteristics that have made it a leading player in the field of banking for millennials: mobile-only operations (services are provided exclusively through the app, with no branches and no website, which only serves informative purposes), no fees for the user and with a clear, simple language, especially tailored for direct communication with young people.

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