Community Bank & Trust licenses Network Automation core processing system

Source: Network Automation

Network Automation, Inc., the leader in automation software that streamlines and integrates business processes, today announced that Community Bank & Trust of Florida, a $300 million financial services institution dedicated to personalized customer service, has selected Network Automation's AutoMate to streamline its critical daily processing tasks.

By automating all of the nightly processing as well as many other operational functions with AutoMate, Community Bank & Trust of Florida saves at least 20 hours of labor per week and provides better customer service with a guarantee of timely transactions.

Community Bank & Trust of Florida, as with all other banks, must run an array of nightly processes to prepare for the next business day. Before AutoMate was implemented at the organization, Community Bank & Trust of Florida required an employee to perform this work after hours, devoting a large amount of resources to repetitive tasks and risking the sole employee's safety at night. By deploying AutoMate, Community Bank & Trust of Florida has streamlined its core daily processing, including the complete automation of nightly processing.

"By automating much of our core processing, AutoMate has freed our staff to bring more value to the bank's products and services instead of wasting time on mindless, time-consuming tasks," said Jeff Stafford, senior technology and information security officer at Community Bank & Trust of Florida. "After months of searching and testing, I have yet to discover any software that even comes close to this feature-rich, reliable solution. AutoMate enables us to efficiently manage the necessary but mundane tasks, so we can focus our attention on what drives our business, sales and customer service."

Network Automation's AutoMate drastically reduces the time associated with business and IT processes by eliminating repetitive, non-value-added human interaction, as well as process errors and delays. Networks, mainframes and desktops alike can be automated through AutoMate's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, enabling rapid development of even the most sophisticated tasks. The platform enables IT professionals of all levels to create sophisticated scripts and automation routines more quickly than writing code from scratch, and with far greater ease.

"Many organizations today don't realize that they can greatly increase their IT and human resources utilization by strategically eliminating operational inefficiencies," said Dustin Snell, founder and CEO of Network Automation. "Network Automation continues to help companies, such as Community Bank & Trust of Florida, optimize employee productivity and meet the rising demands of today's business world."

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