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Allegiance CU signs with Corelation for new core system

Source: Corelation

For the past five years, Allegiance Credit Union ($304 million assets; 26,000 members; Oklahoma City, OK) has taken one strategic step after another to create an ecosystem of financial technology providers that will position itself to better serve its membership and its community.

At three and a half years in, it was apparent that in order to construct its elite ecosystem, an innovative core platform would need to be in the center of it all.

“While there is no shortage of finding inventive products and services to meet the evolving financial needs of our members, there is a shortage of core processors that are able to integrate with these solutions,” informed Allegiance Credit Union SVP/Chief Information Officer Brian Engel. “KeyStone’s open API [KeyBridge] allows us to choose our own third-party vendors, develop our own solutions, or create a combination of both. Moreover, Corelation is open to collaborating as partners so they can develop and provide more native core functionality.”

To ensure KeyStone performed as it was described, Allegiance CU conducted several site visits with existing Corelation clients. The multi-department core selection team met with credit unions who recently converted to the KeyStone platform, including one who deconverted from its current core system. Visits also entailed observing the versatility in which existing clients utilized its functionality, ranging from those who ran the system ‘out of the box’ to those with a team of technical experts that built their own add-ons and integrations. All led Allegiance CU to ultimately selecting Corelation’s KeyStone as its new core processor.

“In order for us to deliver the Allegiance expertise and service we’re known for, we required a core platform that could support our technology needs and service demands as well as an organization who aligns with our culture and vision,” conveyed Allegiance Credit Union President/CEO Amy Downs. “Corelation and its KeyStone product meet our requirements, and we are certain that our staff and membership will greatly benefit from this partnership.”

Allegiance Credit Union is scheduled to convert in mid-2022.

“One of the fundamental principles at Corelation is Relationship, and not just the relationships we nurture within our organization and with our credit union and vendor partners, but also the relationships our partners hold with one another,” commented Corelation Chief Revenue Officer/Tim Maron. “The discussions, collaborations, and sharing of ideas are what propel us forward, and we are forever grateful for the community we continue to collectively build and support. Thank you, Allegiance Credit Union, for choosing us and for choosing our community.”

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