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Ellevest rolls out debit card for Money Membership account

Source: Mastercard

Ellevest today announced a first-of-its-kind membership plan created to get more money in the hands of women by helping them invest, save, and advance their careers.

Ellevest’s new membership model includes access to 1:1 financial and career coaching, member-only workshops and guides, personalized investing plans, a no-fee Mastercard debit card, and Spend and Save banking accounts with automatic Roundup to start saving sooner. Membership plans start at $1 a month.

Ellevest is expanding on its mission to get more money in the hands of women just as the world has drastically changed. With the crippling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on women’s financial stability, these new offerings are crucial.

“In 2020, women are living in a she-cession. As a result of the pandemic, women overall — and especially Black and Latinx women — are losing their jobs at a higher rate than men are. Women who are still in the workforce are taking on greater child care burdens, forcing many of them to quit,” says Salle Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest. “Now, more than ever, women are looking to take control of their finances. Ellevest is here to help.”

A recent Ellevest survey of women about the pandemic and their money* found that 92% of women earning less than $50,000 a year reported realizing that they need to build their own financial safety nets, while 80% of women across all income levels are taking a hard look at their money goals. Meeting this pressing need, Ellevest aims to help more women with their money, no matter where they stand financially right now.

“Five times more women than men live paycheck to paycheck, without any emergency fund. The gender wealth gap is 32 cents to a white man’s dollar, and one penny for Black women and Latinx women. We have a long way to go to reach economic equality, and Ellevest is committed to driving real change,” says Krawcheck. “Because nothing bad happens when women have more money.”

Ellevest’s money membership was designed for women, non-binary people, and male allies in all stages of their financial lives. Members can do things like make a plan to pay off debt, get guidance on looking for a job, learn how to make decisions about day-to-day spending and budgeting, work with a coach on the next steps in their career, invest to build wealth, or plan for retirement — all are key to financial success, and they are now all in one place.

Ellevest Membership Plans

The Ellevest membership is available in three plans: Essential, Plus, and Executive. Membership on every level includes the tools women need to build or rebuild their financial futures, including:

On-the-go learning, workshops, and guides created by Ellevest’s team of accredited career coaches and financial planners.
Access to 1:1 money and career coaching sessions to help prioritize their goals, build strengths, and get where they want to go, at a member discount.
Banking with automatic Roundup from a Spend account into a Save account to help people save sooner.**
Investing with a proprietary algorithm that factors in gender differences in pay gaps, career breaks, and longer lifespans.

Ellevest Essential ($1/month)
Helps members start investing and saving sooner. Ellevest Essential members get learning, banking, and investing services — plus a 20% off member discount on all 1:1 coaching sessions.

Ellevest Plus ($5/month)
Members receive all Essential benefits, plus personalized retirement planning. Ellevest Plus members get access to retirement specialists and support with IRA transfers or 401(k)/403(b) rollovers — along with a 30% off member discount on all 1:1 coaching sessions.

Ellevest Executive ($9/month)
Offers the highest level of access. Ellevest Executive members get all Plus benefits, plus personalized, goal-specific investment portfolios, free 1:1 reviews of investment plans with specialists — and a 50% off member discount on coaching sessions.

Ellevest Banking: Spend & Save Accounts + the Ellevest Debit Card

All Ellevest members get Spend and Save accounts provided by Coastal Community Bank, member FDIC. Ellevest partnered with Mastercard to create the Ellevest debit card. With Mastercard as the exclusive card network, the Ellevest debit card comes with Mastercard World Debit Benefits, including contactless tap-and-go payment technology, Mastercard ID Theft Resolution, Extended Warranty, and much more.

“At Mastercard we believe in creating a world of financial equality and are proud to be working in partnership with Ellevest to further that mission,” said Sherri Haymond, executive vice president, Digital Partnerships at Mastercard. “We are thrilled to launch the Ellevest Mastercard debit card as part of their membership program and continue to invest in women’s economic empowerment with the financial tools they deserve."

Members can round up their everyday spending into an FDIC-insured Save account — a smart and easy way to build up an emergency fund. The Ellevest Spend and Save accounts come with zero hidden fees — no minimum balance fees, no transfer fees, and no overdraft fees. Members also get unlimited ATM fee refunds.*** Both the Spend and Save accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

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