Precise Biometrics launches open source initiative

Source: Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics AB, which develops and sells world-leading and user-friendly biometric security solutions based on fingerprints and smart cards, is now launching Microsoft Windows XP login as an open source code with support for Precise Match-on-Card.

On the web site launched today,, the company gives users the opportunity to download the source code at no charge. The company is also introducing the product Precise 100 XS - the most cost-effective biometric fingerprint reader on the market.

To meet market demands for more customized and flexible biometrics solutions, Precise Biometrics has decided to launch an open source code solution for Microsoft Windows XP login with Precise Match-on-Card technology. Since the company's solutions already support standardized biometric readers, this means that the market for laptops with built-in fingerprint readers can now quickly be adopted as a widely deployed and secure solution based on biometrics and smart cards.

The company's in-house developed technology, Precise Match-on-Card has become a global de-facto standard and Precise Biometrics the market leader for Match-on-Card technology. The national ID-card project in Thailand, where the company has to date supplied Precise Match-on-Card software for 12 million national ID-cards, was a breakthrough for this technology.

"Now that the source code is available as open source, it means that you can use, read and modify the software in line with your own preferences. The release of the source code is also part of our partnership strategy, because this gives our partners and customers the opportunity to adapt the software to their specific requirements," says Christer Bergman, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics.

As Precise Biometrics announces the release of the open source code and launches a new web site for the purpose of further developing the "Match-on-Card" concept, the company is also introducing a fingerprint reader, Precise 100 XS - the most cost-effective biometric reader on the market.

"There has been a tremendous expansion of the market for biometrics and smart cards, and nowadays many laptops have built-in fingerprint readers. What is needed now is simple access to standardized security products for biometrics and smart cards for the cost-effective replacement of passwords. At the same time there must be cost-effective products for the large number of computers in which fingerprint readers are not installed. By launching Precise 100 XS we have made it possible to easily, quickly and above all cost-effectively, enhance the IT security of many companies, organizations and public authorities throughout the world," says Christer Bergman.

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