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AU10TIX tackles identity fraud with Instinct release

Source: AU10TIX

AU10TIX, a global cloud-based, machine learning, I.D. verification and authentication platform, has launched INSTINCT: an autonomous and anonymous platform designed to unify the business community around global identity signals that can fight synthetic identity fraud.

The collaborative platform pairs select signals with adaptive analytics to detect and share identity risk based on historical behaviors, emerging patterns and facts across the network of participating organizations.

“We are seeing emerging fraud techniques that generate high quality forgeries which are penetrating the first line of defense,” explained Ron Atzmon, Managing Director, AU10TIX. “Multiple attack cases have been reported in a variety of markets using high quality fake or counterfeit ID images, or images submitted before the service provider was properly protected.”

INSTINCT is aimed at detecting criminal attempts to create multiple accounts using fraudulent ID credentials that have already penetrated one organization's system without detection. Such attacks are easier to implement against Customer-Not-Present services, where customer onboarding and risk mitigation are based on customer-submitted images of ID documents.

“As I said in my keynote at KnowID, we are now in a cyberwar,” states David Birch, an internationally recognized thought leader on digital identity and a member of the AU10TIX advisory board. “The threat is no longer the stereotypical lone hacker at a keyboard in the middle of the night. Today and forever, fraud is an adversary that is global, organized, interconnected and smart.”

To combat this, AU10TIX utilized the same method, inverted its intention and created INSTINCT. INSTINCT leverages signals from one node [an organization] to detect similar patterns across all other nodes on the network. The platform was designed to allow organizations to analyze collective insights while participating as an isolated node or as an anonymous node within a trusted ecosystem.

INSTINCT is available at no charge for all AU10TIX customers in 2020 and already multiple businesses are participating.

“Fraud is war between networks,” offers Birch. “INSTINCT is a way for businesses to make the good guys’ network stronger. It means a global scaling-up of fraud intelligence while at the same time, protecting privacy.”

Once subscribed as an AU10TIX customer, an organization can immediately benefit from the platform’s service. INSTINCT, in addition to being a proactive service stopping synthetic fraud at the proverbial ‘front door’ has been built with a collaborative alert system. Fraudsters knock on our organization’s ‘door’ all day and, occasionally, they unlock the door and hide. In these cases, if a fraudster previously slipped by one organization’s fraud rules and then is seen again, INSTINCT will flag the event, alert the nodes on the participating network and stop further fraud with that identity.

Carey Kolaja, President and COO, AU10TIX explained, “The main concept of building platforms fueled by anonymously shared signals is to generate insights based on different identities is emerging. As identity verification moves from a one-time event to a continuous verification process, so should our detection techniques. Together, we can build an autonomous ecosystem to keep our customers and businesses safe.”

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