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Bequant launches prime brokerage for institutional crypto assets

Source: Bequant

Bequant​, a global provider of cryptocurrency and digital asset  services for professional traders and institutions, is excited to announce the official launch of Bequant PRO, our prime brokerage platform.    

BEQUANT PRO​ is now available after an extensive beta period that incorporated feedback from  hedge funds, family offices, and other asset managers; financial firms, over-the-counter (OTC)  desks, exchanges and other market participants. It is the first of its kind in the digital asset space  and brings to market a breadth of services that previously were unavailable in a one-stop-shop  solution.    

“As digital assets emerge further into the investing world’s consciousness, it has become apparent  that institutional-grade solutions are needed to solve the pain points of a fragmented marketplace,”  said George Zarya, CEO at BEQUANT. “BEQUANT PRO is the cure for what ails sophisticated  investors in this space.”    

Prime brokerage services have long been available in the traditional markets. They enable traders  to use less margin while having access to deeper pools of liquidity at lower transaction costs, and  also solve for a number of pain points that have long held back institutional adoption of digital  assets.   

Additional features include: 

● Multi-exchange direct market access 

● Custody 

● Collateral management tools  

● Leveraged trade execution  

● OTC block trading  

● Risk management  

● Smart order routing  

● Integration of third party solutions 

● Round-the-clock, institutional-grade support    

BEQUANT PRO was built with risk management in mind, and simplifies complex tasks like margin  and trading across multiple venues through a single account. The platform is safe, secure and  provides reliable, seamless access to seven major digital asset exchanges including Binance,  Huobi and OKex; and numerous OTC desks around the world through a unified, intuitive  dashboard. Traders that prefer to use their own portfolio management solutions can also access  BEQUANT PRO through an API.    

“Traders have long complained about the cost and difficulty of having to manage risk and  compliance across several accounts at the same time,” said Alex Mascioli, head of institutional  services at BEQUANT. “BEQUANT Pro solves for this by providing the same level of service,  reliability and cost reduction that has been in traditional markets for decades.”    

BEQUANT PRO is one of several products in the BEQUANT family of products including:  BEQUANT Exchange; SAFEQUANT, our custody solution; and QUANTREQ, our fund  administrator. This launch strengthens BEQUANT to further its global reach and better serve  existing customers in the US, Europe and beyond   

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