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Blockchain Valley Ventures launches virtual deal marketplace for startup funding

Source: Blockchain valley Ventures

Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV), blockchain technology-focused venture capital firm, in collaboration with Delio, a leading provider of private markets investment technology, has launched the BVV Dealroom - a virtual deal marketplace for blockchain startups and investors.

The new platform - one of the first of its kind in the blockchain space - will offer a solution to the current funding bottleneck that has beset many startups, owing to the Covid19 related restrictions imposed across the world.

Heinrich Zetlmayer, Founder and General Partner of BVV, said, “We are on a mission to provide the essential support that startups require during these uncertain and challenging times. We all need to adapt to new ways of working. Traditional email or conference based pitching to multiple VC investors simply does not work efficiently enough anymore, especially for the blockchain industry which is still not well understood. The BVV Dealroom is designed to provide a helping hand to the innovative and talented teams of the blockchain startup and tech world, by offering free and targeted investor access — something that hasn’t really been done before, as the VC community was previously not really ready for platforms or marketplaces..”

The BVV Dealroom will facilitate the entire communications and deal-making process of the funding life cycle for participating companies in a regulatory-compliant way. As a measure to support the startup industry during the current Coivd19-related restrictions, startups and investors will be exempted from paying any signup fees. Startups will only pay a success fee if a financing commitment from an investor is achieved. BVV will leverage Delio’s digital infrastructure technology, which is used by over 200 financial institutions, including top-tier global banks, to launch the BVV Dealroom.

Gareth Lewis, Chief Executive, at Delio, said, “Our technology enables investors to navigate the private market space more efficiently and discover high-quality deal opportunities. By working alongside BVV, we hope to empower companies and investors by helping them to overcome the challenges typically faced across the financial and start-up communities. Through this approach, we hope to equip entrepreneurs with the relevant resources to move their business forward amid a time of economic uncertainty.”

The virtual deal marketplace will be limited to 100 active investors at any given time, to ensure targeted and appropriate funding is available to participating companies. BVV approves all pitches and projects of participating blockchain companies upon submission. Investors need to sign specific regulatory declarations, which allows them to browse deals and get in contact with startups. The BVV Dealroom was born out of extensive market research and feedback gathered at tech and VC related conferences.

Zetlmayer concluded, “Helping startups to overcome funding difficulties is a top priority for BVV. In particular, ways to overcome funding restrictions for blockchain-based startups have always been on our radar. The breakdown of the ICO market has made it more difficult for blockchain companies to raise funds. This, coupled with the new strain on the market caused by the current pandemic, may spell trouble for startups, particularly in the blockchain space, if we don’t rise to the challenge. We believe that the BVV Dealroom offers a solution to such obstacles.”

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