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HSBC expands Wealth Portfolio Intelligence Service into new asset classes

Source: HSBC

HSBC launches its enhanced “Wealth Portfolio Intelligence Service” (WPIS) to help its Jade clients gain more in-depth understanding of their portfolios by employing similar tools that institutional investors use to analyse risk exposure, across a much wider range of assets – including unit trusts, bonds, equities, currencies, cash and time deposits.

The essence of WPIS is to steer clients through a highly volatile investment environment and accommodate their increasingly complex investment needs.

Powered by Aladdin Wealth technology, WPIS was launched last year, but only covered unit trusts. With the enhanced version, HSBC Jade Directors can now generate risk analysis reports across all the major elements of a multi-asset wealth portfolio and discuss the insights drawn from WPIS’s unique scenario analysis and stress testing with their clients. This creates new opportunities to build resilient investment portfolios in alignment with clients’ personal risk and investment preferences.

Since last year, over 20,000 reports have been generated to provide profound risk insights and analysis for HSBC Jade clients on their unit trust exposure.

Greg Hingston, Regional Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, AsiaPacific, and Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC, said: “In a highly volatile investment market, knowledge is power. By expanding the analysis to cover most of the key liquid asset classes in our customers’ wealth portfolios, we are enabling greater understanding and control of their risk exposure. This will give them peace of mind that they have chosen the appropriate strategy based on their risk appetite and investment preferences.”

To accommodate increasing demand from affluent customers for wealth management services, HSBC has recently opened two new Jade Centres in Festival Walk at Kowloon Tong and Ocean Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui. To make it even easier for clients to reap the benefits of WPIS, they can also choose to connect remotely and securely through video conference service to discuss their portfolios and investment plans with Jade Directors.

WPIS will empower HSBC Jade Directors to address customers’ increasing concerns about their risk exposure. According to HSBC’s latest survey1, 75 per cent of customers with liquid assets of HKD 1 million or above are pessimistic about the Hong Kong stock market in 2020, which may indicate a change in their risk appetite.

Brian Hui, Head of Customer Propositions and Marketing, Wealth and Personal Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC, said: “At times of market uncertainty, we are committed to providing our Jade clients with this top-notch service, a combination of technology and professional expertise, to help manage their investment portfolios. Clients can now get access to the same sort of analytics that institutional investors use to structure their portfolio. The service will help them make better-informed investment decisions, which play an important role in fulfilling their financial ambitions, including building their wealth, preparing for retirement, and planning a prosperous future for their family.”

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