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Pascal launches wealthtech bundle to support advisors through Covid-19

Source: Pascal Financial

Pascal Financial, an emerging wealthtech company, has announced the launch of Prevail by Pascal, an advisor-client engagement bundle helping financial advisors with remote client management.

The new technology bundle is offered to Canadian advisors for free until July1.

Wealth management firms have increasingly canceled face-to-face client meetings to protect the safety and well-being of their clients due to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 crisis. Prevail by Pascal supports advisors by helping improve client interactions during these unprecedented times through innovative engagement features including:
- Remote client engagement tools including secure inbox and messaging, learning hub and content management, hassle-free video conferencing, call requests and scheduling management.
- Portfolio stress testing analytics illustrating black-swan events to help clients better understand their investments in a historical reference.
- InvestorDNA, Pascal’s behavioural finance assessment tool providing client insights on individual levers driving financial decision making.

“Pascal is here to support advisors during these highly uncertain and challenging times, delivering the technology to provide clients with that important human touch,” said Frances Zomer, CEO of Pascal. “Pascal wants to do our part to help advisors’ level up, engage and prevail with their clients. We are grateful for the support of industry leaders including Starlight Capital, Fidelity Clearing Canada, Morningstar and GWP Brand Engineering who recognize the importance of this initiative and are helping to deliver Prevail to advisors for free.”

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