Waymark Tech offers free access to Covid-19 regulatory feed

Source: Waymark Tech

During these greatly uncertain times, the various regulators and numerous legal firms are publishing a large amount of information on COVID-19.

Markets around the world continue to operate and Waymark Tech recognises that financial organisations need to stay ahead of the rapidly changing advice now more than ever.

For this reason, Waymark Tech has announced that it is pulling all announcements by regulators and law firms into one place on its regulatory platform to make it easier to access these updates on how financial bodies are responding to the situation. Founded in 2016, Waymark Tech offers AI-as-a-Service enabling any organisation to reveal hidden patterns and connections within vast, dynamic and unstructured text datasets.

Furthermore, they have made this free to anyone interested in receiving these timely updates. For those wishing to gain access, send an email to: support@waymark.tech and access to the feed will be coordinated.

Mark Holmes, CEO of Waymark Tech, commented: “We have taken the decision to offer access to the specific COVID-19 feed on our regulatory platform free of charge. This will enable organisations and individuals to view relevant and timely information via latest updates conveniently without having to spend time sifting through information to separate the irrelevant from the pertinent. We are offering this as a free-to-use service at the current time, and we hope users will find the tracker helpful during this period of extraordinary circumstances.”

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