Asset Control reports new AC Plus contract

Source: Asset Control

Asset Control, the world's leading provider of Centralized Data Management (CDM) solutions to the financial industry, has kicked off 2006 with a major new customer for its flagship product, AC Plus, for enterprise-wide reference data management.

Based in New York City, this hedge fund has net assets under management of over $12 billion.

The hedge fund will be the first user of a Java Message Service (JMS) interface. This new interface will broaden communications from AC Plus to other systems. The hedge fund's objective in using this new interface is to more tightly couple the AC Plus infrastructure with the firm's existing suite of front, middle and back office applications.

Completion of this java messaging interface is a next important step in Asset Control's efforts to achieve Operational Coherency for its customers, providing them the lowest total cost of ownership. The JMS interface delivers a framework for providing integration with messaging, web services and Enterprise Java Beans applications and enables AC Plus to integrate with a wide variety of JMS-compliant products such as MQSeries via asynchronous XML-based messaging. The integration framework is hosted in a J2EE 1.4 compatible application server and supports queries and updates in the Asset Control server. This JMS interface joins other Asset Control connectivity products including bi-directional real-time replication, notification, and a comprehensive suite of publish and consume APIs.

"JMS technology helps address the desire of financial institutions to shorten implementation cycles and keep costs under control," says David Hirschfeld, Senior VP of Operations, Asset Control. "This integration framework dramatically expands the standards-based integration options of AC Plus allowing much faster and tighter integration with the downstream systems of our clients."

"Asset Control's product development strategy is strongly influenced by the needs of our customers and future customers," observes Ger Rosenkamp, CEO, Asset Control. "Our hedge fund clients have complex requirements so it is particularly pleasing that our product vision is appreciated by the hedge fund industry and has resulted in another new customer from this community."

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