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Revive Management plants giant Sequoia's to go carbon negative

Source: Revive Management

Revive Management, the provider of digital billing and payment solutions, is embarking on an ambitious scheme to plant a collection of the world’s largest trees, in a bid to go carbon negative and raise climate change awareness.

A single Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) can capture more CO2 than the average UK citizen’s entire lifetime emissions. Revive Management has joined the One Life One Tree: The Sequoia Project, which plants these enormous trees in their own 1,000 square foot plots at select UK locations, each alongside a native oak tree to maintain UK biodiversity.

Over the next six months, Revive will fund the planting of an initial 10 trees, each of which it is hoped will grow to a size of 500m3. - roughly the equivalent of an average UK citizen’s lifetime emissions. An entire Sequoia Grove can capture as much as 10 times more CO2 per acre than a natural UK woodland over 100 years, increasing over time as the trees continue to grow for over one thousand years.

This is the beginning of a long-term partnership, through which Revive hopes to plant a new tree for every new starter.

The initiative follows a bumper 2019 for Revive, with double-digit new client wins and a powerful track record of helping clients dramatically reduce their payment collections costs. The company is now seeking to take a more proactive approach to reduce its environmental impact on an ongoing basis.

Geoff Boudin, Sales Director at Revive, said: “It’s really important for us, and any business, to reduce our carbon impact wherever possible. Indeed, by streamlining and digitising our clients’ payment processes we can play a part in helping to reduce their environmental impact by eliminating paper-based methods. We do a lot of work in the energy sector and given that those businesses are always working on innovative ways to go greener, we want to be proactive in our approach too.

He added: “This is why The One Life One Tree programme stood out for us - it is such a simple idea with a potentially huge impact; these trees are truly extraordinary, and we’re pleased to play a role in planting them here in the UK. What’s more, the seedlings should ultimately become incredibly awe-inspiring trees to look at!”

Henry Emson, Founder of One Life One Tree Limited, added: “We celebrate every Sequoia tree we plant and every Sequoia Patron, such as Revive, that helps make it happen. A single tree can capture over 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide, so by funding the planting of 10 or more trees, Revive will contribute to the capture of thousands of tonnes of carbon, whilst also helping to protect a UICN Red List endangered species and create valuable new forest habitats in different pockets of the UK.”

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