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Truevo launches point-of-sale product in UK, Ireland and Malta

Source: Truevo

Full-service card acquirer and payment service provider, Truevo, has announced the launch of their point of sale solution into the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta today.

Previously, Truevo has specialised in online, mobile and push payment solutions, so this offering marks the broadening of their product range into the card-present industry.

Truevo CEO, David Liu, says, “The Truevo point of sale product provides partners and merchants with a much needed, fast and easy solution. The terminals are some of the best in the market, and the turnaround to receive them is fast. It sounds simple, but providers aren’t offering a solution like this. We’re excited to compete in this space.”

Jon Barras, UK Managing Director, added, “Our POS Sales team has a combined 40 years+ experience in point of sale solutions, so we understand the market intimately and what it lacks. Our Sales team works hand in hand with our Product teams, so we’ve built something that addresses the pains that storefront owners feel when it comes to accepting card payments.”

Truevo is debuting a 24 hour approval period with a terminal dispatched within 48 hours. Today, the average waiting time for business owners is 4 days to 6 weeks, so the turnaround from Truevo is a substantial improvement. Even businesses in higher-risk industries, who usually expect to wait for weeks or months to be able to accept card payments, will receive feedback from Truevo within 4 days.

The company is launching with the A920 terminal from PAX Technology, a sleek device that looks more like an iPhone than a clunky card machine. Truevo is betting that customers will like the modern new look and feel. One thing is for sure, Truevo is enthusiastic about the new offering and will be making a strong push to support SMEs with all their point of sale needs.

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