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LDX partners Indigi for digital security offering

Source: LDX

London Derivatives Exchange is pleased to announce their partnership with Indigi Pte Ltd in the launch of their Digital Security Offering (DSO).

LDX is utilising its established market structure, platform, and bespoke trading/settlement methodologies to launch the DSO (currently in private placement) in conjunction with HEXTR Hong Kong (providing custodian and trust services) and Smarter Contracts (developing the smart contracts underpinning the Tokens).

Indigi provides a new investment structure that can unlock over $1T of natural resources in the Caraga Region of the Philippines. Backed by certified assets in timber, natural fiber, coconut and sugar, Indigi leverages the power of blockchain and smart-contract technology for a traced, verified supply chain, creating transparency, inclusive economic growth and prosperity to empower indigenous people as stakeholders alongside accredited investors. With accessibility, liquidity and transparency, Indigi will identify ESG-related opportunities to increase and accelerate higher returns for investors in a socially responsible way.

Karim Peer - CEO of LDXA

“LDX is very excited to be a part of this vital social impact investment offering. We look forward to working closely with Indigi and our partners to ensure a successful placement and launch of the DSO within the LDX platform and ecosystem.

We believe Indigi’s adoption of the DSO method of fund-raising and their longer-term goals in the use of Blockchain demonstrate the wider spread faith in the new technologies and their opportunities by such reputable firms. I want to thank Jonathan and the Indigi team for choosing LDX and our associate companies to partner in this project.”

Jonathan Gershon and Scott Massey - Founding Members of Indigi Pte Ltd

“We’re extremely positive about our partnership with LDX. Investors, corporations, and institutions are currently seeking investment opportunities that also have positive social and environmental impact. With the LDX platform, Indigi can offer investors a new way of generating returns whilst supporting local indigenous communities in the Philippines.

We believe this new form of capital investment will drive some of the most positive transformation in the world today.”

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