Tokyo Stock Exchange starts proof-of-concept testing of Symphony bot

Source: Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) uses TDnet to distribute timely disclosure releases from listed companies.

Used to promptly disseminate information likely to impact investment decisions to the investing public, the platform is considered an important infrastructure for Japanese society. At present, TDnet offers a web-based company announcements browsing service, a server-based service involving automatic file transfer, and other distribution methods.

Toward further improving TDnet services, TSE has developed a prototype service that uses a Symphony chat bot ("bot") to notify users of timely disclosure releases and documents. The Symphony messaging platform is apparently already widely used by financial institutions. Coming under the Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data,*1 the bot will be offered to a limited audience in a proof of concept study ("PoC") from March 2020 over a period of three months. This PoC is aimed at verifying whether the bot would contribute to aspects such as creating new investment opportunities and improving operational efficiencies.

The bot was developed in collaboration with Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (President, CEO & COO: Nawa Ryoichi).
Launch of a Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data (Apr. 23, 2019)
Overview of the bot

A user specifies the issues and announcements categories beforehand, and the bot sends push-notifications of any such disclosures. With this bot, users no longer need to constantly check TDnet and other information terminals and will not miss out on important announcements. Moreover, if the bot is linked to other systems through Symphony, a notice may signal the systems to start other operations, which would lessen operational and other burdens.

Applying for the PoC

Application is required for participation in this PoC and the Proof of Concept Program for Utilizing Securities Data. For inquiries on how to apply, please contact the email below.

Service Development Group, Information Services, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Using the bot

Since the bot is based on Symphony, the user must have a Symphony account with external communications enabled. For information on using Symphony, please contact the company directly.

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