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Amaiz to introduce voice biometrics in partnership with ValidSoft

Source: Amaiz

Amaiz, the banking and bookkeeping service for small businesses owners, has announced its partnership with ValidSoft, the company at the leading edge of voice biometric technology, a solution that secures all transaction channels.

The partnership will enable Amaiz to offer next generation voice biometric security.

Amaiz is developing a reputation for its leading-edge security methods and experiential features. Voice biometric verification is considered the strongest method of proving someone’s identity. It’s more flexible and accurate than other security methods and is popular with customers, as they don’t need to remember passwords or security devices.

Amaiz Managing Director, Steve Taklalsingh commented, “This powerful partnership will enable us to give our customers an experience that is secure but simple. Our users are busy people, often trying to fit their interaction with us between customers. ValidSoft’s partnership with Amaiz will help us deliver our mission to provide hassle-free banking for our hardworking customers.”
ValidSoft CEO, Pat Carroll agreed; “Amaiz are at the forefront of digital banking and innovation in financial services; they’re prepared to think differently about security and are passionately concerned with meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations in new and exciting ways. Our world leading voice biometric solution will enable them to deliver on those expectations. We look forward to a fruitful partnership.”

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