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RaPay launches QR code-based merchant payment system

Source: RaPay

RaPay is proud to announce the launch of its digital payment system, a new platform designed to reduce merchant settlement times associated with taking Debit Card payments.

Point of sale terminals and e commerce sites are using legacy systems and merchants are always having to wait for their funds.

Currently, debit card payments using a point-of-sale (PoS) machine can take up to 36 hours to process. This often leaves a retailer with periods where they experience a huge discrepancy between actual sales and financial revenue, which can cause problems for small businesses. With a combined spend of over £65 billion by UK cardholders annually, that's a lot of money that goes unprocessed - sometimes for days at a time! However, despite the delays, retailers continue to use out-dated PoS systems because until now, nobody has come up with a sufficient, working replacement.

With the RaPay system, all payments clear within minutes, providing the recipient with instant, guaranteed cash-in-the-bank on all completed sales. In addition to this, the RaPay system negates the need to rent expensive PoS machines and can be implemented anywhere that has an internet connection. This saves a considerable amount of money for a retailer or small business by removing all rental and consumable costs associated with PoS machines.

Avoid problems with credit card bans and chargebacks.

With the RaPay system, businesses can now offer their customers an alternative way to pay that is even simpler and quicker than paying with a credit card!

Don’t get left behind as credit card services become even more restricted across Europe and the UK - get involved with instant digital payments now!

Simple and easy payments with QR codes

Payments on the RaPay system can be completed entirely on a customer's mobile phone simply by scanning the retailer's unique QR code. The codes automatically link with your mobile banking app to direct funds to the correct retailer, simplifying the online payment process. In addition, all receipts are sent electronically via email, helping to reduce the environmental impact that current paper receipts contribute to.

QR codes can be displayed digitally or printed out and presented on any surface, making the system available even to informal vendors without electricity. RaPay can also operate using NFC chip communication by simply tapping a phone on an NFC-enabled device. This makes payments even quicker than the traditional chip-and-pin card payment method.

Simply scan or tap, pay, and you're away - receiving instant digital cash payments has never been easier!

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