Fair Isaac reports rise in Triad system adopters

Source: Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced that 20 organizations joined the company's global roster of TRIAD adaptive control system users over the last 15 months.

Fair Isaac's TRIAD system is the world's leading account and customer management solution, used to strengthen customer relationships, increase profitability and comply with Basel II regulations.

Fair Isaac's TRIAD systems automate and improve account and customer management decisions to drive portfolio management performance. Today, nearly 300 credit portfolios, representing 85 percent of the credit card volume in the U.S. and 65 percent of the world's credit cards, are managed using TRIAD systems. This includes a growing number of leading financial institutions worldwide that are choosing the solution to improve decisions at the customer level.

TRIAD-based services also are offered through the world's largest credit card processing firms. TRIAD users in the financial services, telecommunications and retail industries typically achieve double-digit improvements in revenue, cost and portfolio growth performance.

"We believe that the continued demand for TRIAD worldwide reflects the global market's growing need for a proven analytic solution that delivers reliable, revenue-building decisioning power, agility and speed," said Andrew Jennings, Fair Isaac vice president of Global Customer Management Solutions. "We expect another strong year in 2006, and we see particular opportunity in the Asia-Pacific region, where we now offer enhanced language localization support for our newest TRIAD version."

Latest Version of TRIAD System Brings More User Control, Precision to Strategies

Fair Isaac also saw an unprecedented migration of existing customers to its newest TRIAD 8.1 platform in 2005, with 14 installations currently in process at client sites on five continents.

TRIAD 8.1 is the first portfolio management solution to combine industry-standard account and customer strategy management capabilities onto a single platform. The system provides significant innovations that bring even more user control, precision and speed to lenders' account and customer management strategies. These enhancements include:

  • The new TRIAD Analytic Datamart, a data repository which enables credit grantors to store and analyze predictive and performance data locally in a PC-server environment for a streamlined analytic process.
  • The Configurable Decision Area, which allows clients to grow their use of TRIAD decision-making capabilities across new decision points as they emerge.
  • Authorization decisioning that has been extended beyond the Approve or Decline functions to facilitate real-time linking of decisions such as Line and Pricing adjustments, resulting in refined decisions and expanded decisioning power.
  • Enhanced "what if" estimator and reporting capabilities that now run on the PC desktop, further reducing strategy design and deployment time and significantly speeding the realization of business benefits.
  • Double byte character sets (DBCS) support for Eastern languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Integration with Fair Isaac's Decision Optimizer product, allowing users to develop, refine and deploy superior analytically developed strategies directly into the TRIAD system.

Fair Isaac's TRIAD adaptive control system applies actionable analytics and executes strategies that help businesses segment customers based on risk and revenue. The system allows lenders to automate and optimize decisions on how to prioritize and handle delinquent collections, which customers to cross-sell, what additional products and services to offer, when and how much to change a customer's credit line, and what total amount of credit to extend a customer.

The TRIAD solution can be easily integrated with the clients' existing IT investments, such as billing systems and solutions that serve customer touch points, allowing lenders to react quickly to customer changes and easily update and maintain corporate strategies and policies. Champion/challenger testing provides a controlled learning environment that tests, compares and applies the strategies that produce best results.

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