SNS Reaal Group extends Chordiant credit risk technology company wide

Source: Chordiant Software

Chordiant Software, Inc., a solutions leader in automating and managing customer processes and decisions, today announced that Dutch SNS Reaal Group has selected the Chordiant Decision Management suite to take its credit risk assessment and monitoring process to a higher level.

SNS Reaal Group will use the solution to develop, deploy and monitor highly effective customer strategies across the different channels. These customer strategies will be based on powerful, in-house developed scorecards in combination with business rules to reflect exceptions and policies and to execute calculations. The Chordiant Decision Management suite will allow SNS Reaal Group to make even better assessments of the risks involved in credit applications, allow it to automate the application process for mortgages and consumer lending, and help the company to comply with the Basel II regulations.

As of last year, part of the Chordiant Decision Management suite is already successfully in use by SNS Reaal Group for the automation of assessment rules in three different channels. As a result of the positive experience with the solution it will now be rolled out across all labels and all channels. In addition, SNS Reaal Group has selected the other Decision Management modules, partly to replace existing solutions and to meet new requirements.

"The Chordiant Solution helps us stay ahead in a highly competitive market place," says Rein Wispelweij, director of mortgages at SNS Reaal Group. "Being able to make accurate credit risk assessments faster than the competition is crucial in our line of business. Recent projects have shown that the Chordiant Decision Management suite adds considerable value to our business processes. Furthermore, over the last year it had already proven to be very flexible and stable, obviously a prerequisite to being part of our core activities."

Chordiant's Decision Management suite provides an integrated platform for developing, deploying, making and monitoring decisions. It is designed for business users. Predictive models are developed on historic data, which in turn are integrated with business rules and strategies. The resulting decision logic is mapped to operational processes, and is then used for real-time customer interaction decisioning in sales, service and marketing applications across different channels. Business performance and compliance is analyzed with change requirements being identified for improving the decisioning process.

"SNS Reaal Group's deployment of Chordiant's Decision Management suite across its channels shows the company's commitment not only to making sound risk-based decisions but to implementing those decisions across its customer base," said Rob Mullen, President of Worldwide Field Operations at Chordiant. "We look forward to working with SNS Reaal Group further to ensure the company's credit risk assessment and monitoring capabilities are the best in the business."

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