Pyxis Mobile launches mDashboard for BlackBerry

Source: Pyxis Mobile

Pyxis Mobile, a leading provider of wireless applications for the financial services industry, today announced the launch of mDashboard, a real-time reporting tool for managers within banks, asset managers, and hedge funds.

For use with any BlackBerry from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM), mDashboard provides a mobile extension of the sophisticated systems users have come to rely on while in the office.

mDashboard offers a unique solution to this problem by allowing managers to access disparate data sources including industry-specific news, order management systems, and sales analysis from their handheld. By extending these enterprise and market data sources, users obtain immediate access to all of their critical data. The net result is managers un-tethered from their desks, who make better decisions, based on integrated market research and performance reports-from anywhere at anytime. Via the mDashboard Executive screen, users can access a multitude of data options including these highlights:

  • News
  • User-defined alerts and notifications
  • Sales reports
  • Daily dashboard views

Pyxis Mobile offers a suite of wireless financial applications as part of their general mPlatform offering, including mDashboard, mWholesaler, mHedge Manager, mInstitutional, mPortfolio Manager, and mAdvisor, each providing remote access to vital data from a company's back-end network. Used by more than 35 percent of U.S. mutual fund wholesalers, Pyxis Mobile has become the most widely used wireless software in the financial services industry.

"Rapid access to accurate data is the lifeblood of the financial services industry and executive management requires the most up-to-date market and performance information possible. We built mDashboard with these needs in mind," said Todd Christy, Chief Technology Officer, Pyxis Mobile. "This product is designed for the specific needs of executives and operations management, we understand the challenges of the business units across the financial enterprise."

Dan Schatt, a senior analyst with financial research and consulting firm Celent says, "The U.S. market is now experiencing seismic changes in the way mobile phones are utilized. As mobile bandwidth, handset technology and operating systems have evolved, the mobile phone is fast becoming a portable version of the internet, freeing executives from the physical constraints of desktop and laptop computing and providing anytime anywhere access to critical business data and applications."

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