Tandem Bank launches inaugural 'Money Hacks' programme

Source: Tandem

Tandem Bank has launched its inaugural ‘Money Hacks’ programme at Harris Academies.

Tandem has created the programme in partnership with Brightside, a social mobility organisation which provides online education tools. The first of its kind for Brightside, this programme aims to help young people understand financial decisions, from building a healthy credit profile to saving.

Tandem is starting the year as it means to go on, providing real solutions to problems that not many banks would consider. Its aim, to be the bank that makes a difference. The team at Tandem got together and noticed the national curriculum focuses on academic subjects but did not allow for important life skills to be taught. The programme, which is open to students in the sixth form college, is being run by mentors who work at Tandem Bank and gives students the confidence and practical advice they should be taught about further education, employment and how to effectively manage their finances.

Dill Anstey, Vice Principal at Harris Federation Sixth Form, says, “We are thrilled to welcome Tandem and the programme to Harris Federation. It is a great opportunity for our students to learn about the banking industry and apply academic skills to the practical, scenario-based, programme. Financial education is a topic that still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, despite its importance. I know I would have benefited from this programme back when I was at school.”

Tandem is a bank built on taking the stress out of money. They believe they should only win when their customers win. With this in mind in 2019 they decided to give back, by donating late fees from customers struggling to pay back their debts to Brightside to help fund this programme. Tandem staff will volunteer as mentors for students, providing practical guidance and support. The digital challenger bank, Brightside and the schools have collaborated on building a comprehensive programme for students, encompassing a range of must-know information.

Dan Atkinson, Chief People Officer at Tandem Bank, says “Here at Tandem we’re always looking for ways to help people get to grips with their money and now we’re getting hands-on ourselves. This isn’t about textbooks or exams, it’s about the Tandem team directly sharing their experiences and insights with the young people who need it the most. We need to give the next generation the best possible chance to succeed in the future, because life is only getting tougher.”

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