Alphai releases new version of the Max Bond Attribution Module


ALPHAI, the leading provider of performance and attribution systems for the investment management industry, has today released its latest version of the MAX Bond Attribution Module.

The new release offers extensive new functionality to allow investment managers to gain a greater understanding of the key factors that make up the performance of bond portfolio's within the organisation.

The MAX Bond Attribution module, which has been available for 2 years, allows specialist calculations to be completed that attribute the performance of bonds across a number of factors including yield curve effects. The new capabilities provide calculations that include issuer and convexity effects. The new functionality means that the return on a bond portfolio can now be broken into the following components:
  1. Parallel moves in Yield
  2. Other Yield Changes
  3. Convexity impact
  4. Holding return
  5. Sector Spread
  6. Sector Spread Change
  7. Issuer Effects
  8. Currency Effects
  9. Excess return

"This latest release strengthens the MAX Bond module functionality and Alphai’s position as a leader in fixed income attribution. In combination with the equity, currency, and derivative capabilities of MAX all Performance and Attribution requirements are covered," said Thomas Berg, General Manager, Europe for Alphai. "These enhancements are the result of feedback from our clients and prospects and reflect Alphai's commitment to producing quality software based upon the true needs of the marketplace."

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