First Community Bank to offer Plinqit savings app

Source: Plinqit

First Community Bank announced today that it will offer Plinqit, a savings app and the only savings tool that pays users for learning about personal finances, helping customers save money and creating higher engagement for financial institutions.

An expansion of First Community’s digital offerings, Plinqit supports the savings needs of customers. With Plinqit’s patent-pending Build Skills™, the only platform that pays users for engaging with content, users can grow their knowledge of finances. By simply watching a video or reading an article from the Plinqit library and taking a short quiz, users are rewarded for learning more about financial wellness.

Plinqit’s ease of use and implementation attracted First Community Bank to the tool, but the institution’s desire to help the members of its community achieve financial wellness made Plinqit a perfect fit.

“At First Community Bank, we believe that when banks support their community, the community is stronger for it,” said Dale Cole, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of First Community Bank. “We are proud to do everything in our power to strengthen our local economy, and one of the best ways we can deliver on our promise is by helping people learn about finances so they can begin saving. Plinqit is a unique tool that satisfies our customers’ digital needs and encourages smart financial decisions. We are excited to offer Plinqit.”

“Plinqit was created to not only help financial institutions, like First Community Bank, broaden their digital portfolio and better engage with customers, but also to help bridge the knowledge gap in personal finances,” said Kathleen Craig, founder and Chief Executive Officer of HT Mobile Apps, creator of Plinqit. “There is a true need for improved financial literacy with 41 percent of Americans reporting that their lack of understanding of finances is holding them back from making financial progress. And, Plinqit has a proven track record – more than 60 percent of users that reach their savings goal continue to save by setting new goals.”

Craig continued, “This partnership with First Community Bank will allow us to help them fulfill their mission of serving their community and making it stronger by supporting their customers’ path to financial achievement in an engaging way.”  

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