Bain Capital upgrades investor reporting with Vantage

Source: Vantage Reporting

Vantage Reporting today announced that Bain Capital has implemented the Vantage Precision Tailoring Framework and Vantage Investor component-based software module to extend and enhance the $27 billion private investment firm's investor reporting.

Given industry-wide pressure to provide increased business processing efficiency and transparency, Bain Capital turned to Vantage Reporting because of the provider's specialized focus on private investment firms and unique ability to tailor its software to meet their specific needs.

Vantage's five software modules - Vantage Deal Manager, Vantage Performance, Vantage Contact, Vantage Investor and Vantage Funds-of-Funds - encompass the private investment lifecycle from deal management and portfolio performance reporting to fundraising and investor servicing. The Vantage Precision Tailoring Framework is a software-agnostic layer that provides the foundation for rapid customization of each core module to deliver the functionality firms need without replacing their existing IT infrastructure. A hybrid alternative to internally developed and off-the-shelf software, the combined solutions give hedge funds, private equity firms, funds-of-funds and investment advisors powerful plug-and-play connectivity between proprietary, third party and/or Vantage's component-based software modules.

"After conducting an extensive vendor search, we found no other comparable software solution that could meet our needs," says Bain Capital vice president Susan Lock. "Vantage's solution is a much more efficient and capable software system, and we look forward to its implementation." Prior to Vantage, Bain Capital relied on a multitude of solutions including spreadsheets to track their investments and valuations, as do many private investment firms.

"We are pleased that Bain Capital sees the time and cost benefits of partnering with us to extend and enhance their core accounting and business processing capabilities," says Vantage Reporting CEO Woolf. "Our innovative solutions are gaining traction because, particularly in the private investment space, there's an acute need for software product that can be customized to each firm's specific requirements while leveraging their existing systems."

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