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Shenzhen Stock Exchange begins construction of third high-speed data centre

Source: Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On December 17, the high-level data center of SZSE – the China Southern Information Technology Center for Securities and Futures Industry (the “Southern Center”) (phase II) had been officially launched.

Representatives from CSRC, SZSE, the government of Dongguan, Huawei, China Construction Third Bureau First Engineering Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Planning and Designing Institute of Telecommunications Co., Ltd. attended the launching ceremony.

The construction of the Southern Center reflects the full implementation of the national decisions on financial infrastructure construction and the overall plan for the IT application on the capital market. It is also an important measure to serve the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Pilot Demonstration Area of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, encourage high-quality capital market development and ensure the implementation of market-oriented reform. The project aims to build a “world-class industry information technology center” and will adopt world-class standards to build a digital financial infrastructure serving the whole industry with a higher start. The project locates at Fenggang Town of Dongguan. Phase I of the project was completed for operation on 6 June 2016 with 5,000 hosting cabinets in service, providing a solid foundation for the ecosystem building of the industry. To better meet the technical development needs of the industry, the phase II will focus on serving as six core-function centers, namely, the core data center of SZSE, the southern backup center for core organizations in the industry, the southern hosting center for operation organizations in the industry, the cloud computing and big data center of the industry, the R&D and test center of the industry and the fintech innovation laboratory of the industry. The project is scheduled to be put into trial running in 2022 with about 15,400 cabinets in service.

Always adhering to the concept of “technology-driven”, SZSE has made continuous breakthroughs in infrastructure construction, technological R&D, product innovation and international cooperation, and its leadership in the industry becomes increasingly outstanding. SZSE’s self-developed new-generation trading system leads the world in core indicators and continues to maintain the world record for safe operation. It signs a technology export agreement with Pakistan Stock Exchange as well, which blazes a trail for the export of China’s capital market technology system. In addition, SZSE has held the IT Symposium for three consecutive years. This promotes the industry-wide technological exchanges and cooperation, encourages the technological innovation and development of the industry, and helps enhance the capital market’s capability to serve the real economy.

Next, SZSE will launch all-out efforts to advance the construction of the project by sticking to the high quality and standard world-class project construction. What’s more, it will continue to give full play to the platform function as the market organizer with the help of infrastructure such as the Southern Center. SZSE will also promote the R&D, application and promotion of the cutting-edge and key technologies of fintech and integrate industry resources to form a joint force for development and to provide strong technical support for the high-quality development of the capital market.

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