Smartlands launches app for digital payments

Source: Smartlands

Smartlands, a digital securities issuance and investment platform, announces the launch of Smartee – one place where customers can store, spend and earn money.

With Smartee users will be able to receive, store and transfer all their EUR, GBP, USD and the most popular digital currencies in a Friendly and Secure Mobile App that features a built-in wallet. Smartee welcomes all to download the app from Google Play Store (App Store release expected shortly), register an account and pass KYC to get the exclusive Smartee Co-owner payment card – an ideal tool for your storing, exchanging, and spending needs in both digital and fiat currencies.

Smartee’s unique feature is the customer’s ability to receive cashback from their account operations and set up automated investing using the in-app robo-adviser. “As accredited investors, Smartee customers will be able to configure the type and scope of their investment portfolio based on the offers available on Smartlands, and automatically transfer, for example, 1% of their daily expenses to a “digital piggy bank”. It’s a true definition of passive income with no hassle when your money just hums in the background 24 hours a day working quietly with no direct participation from you,” – says Smartlands CEO Ilia Obraztsov.

Smartlands CMO Yaroslava Tkalich adds: “Smartlands is a community-inspired company: our investors have voting rights, they get a say in investment projects Smartlands puts forth. We are building the Smartee ecosystem with the same community-first approach and are allocating 6 million member-shares (10% of the entire Smartee equity) for the first million of active Smartee users. In order to get the special Co-owner payment card and get the first 3 (three) of their member-shares, users need to register an account and pass KYC.” 

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