Sberbank adds bill splitting to mobile app

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank has launched a new service called “Collect Money and Split Bill” in the Dialogues section with Sberbank Online mobile app.

With the service you can collect money in a simplest way possible and keep record of it. For instance, you might be pitching in for an office gift, your children’s class needs at school, or a restaurant check. In order to do that you simply add Sberbank Online mobile users to a group chat, where you can discuss the details and make a payment. Group chats also let you collect money for several purposes at once, for instance if one person should get a gift and some other person should get flowers.

Oksana Sinelnik, Managing Director of Payments and Transfers, Sberbank,

“We’re striving to offer our clients some extra options that can make routine simpler and save time. The all-new Collect Money and Split Bill service is yet another step towards better customer experience to be truly appreciated by anyone who’ve had to divide up the costs of collective events or activities at least once in their life.”

The service is available to Sberbank Online mobile app users only. You can install or update the app here.

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