Monzo activates Google Pay for users waiting for replacement cards

Source: Monzo

When you lose your Monzo card or it gets damaged or stolen, you usually can’t pay for things with your card until a new one arrives.

This isn’t very helpful, and can be a real bore. So we’ve added the ability for you to activate Google Pay while you wait for us to send you a new debit card! So you can still make payments with Monzo while you wait for a replacement.
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You’ll only be able to use your new physical card when it arrives and you activate it in the Monzo app.

The old card you’re replacing will still be inactive - no one can use it and your money will stay safe.

Imagine you’re on holiday, sunning yourself on the beach when your wallet gets stolen. Disaster!

Fortunately now, while you wait for your new debit card to arrive you can activate Google Pay and keep paying for things at places that accept Google Pay. Disaster averted.

We’ll be making this possible with Apple Pay soon too! So stay tuned for updates.

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