Grab expands to Japan and the Middle East

Source: Grab

Eating your way through a gastronomical getaway in Tokyo and discovering the exotic desert dunes of Dubai just got easier with Grab, the everyday super app!

Grab has got your transportation needs covered in 5 Japanese cities and 94 cities across 13 Middle Eastern countries. From tomorrow onwards, consumers in Singapore and the Philippines can use their Grab app to book rides in Japan and the Middle East, pay for them with GrabPay Credits, and earn GrabRewards points on-the-go!

And the best part? You don’t need to worry about navigating overseas travel in a foreign language. Wherever you go, the Grab app will be in consumers’ native or preferred language. And with GrabChat, Grab’s in-app messaging feature, passengers and drivers in the Middle East can chat naturally in their preferred languages, as their messages will be instantly translated for the other party.

Ready to ride abroad with Grab for your upcoming trip? Here’s how:

Pre-trip preparation: Set up and verify your GrabPay Wallet and ensure you’ve topped up sufficient GrabPay Credits before the trip. That way, you’ll be able to pay for rides abroad seamlessly.
Arrival information: When you land in Japan or the Middle East, just open the Grab app, tap on the ‘Transport’ tile, and off you go. Ride bookings are fulfilled by JapanTaxi in Japan, and Careem in the Middle East.[1]

Post-trip: Watch your GrabRewards points accumulate after every completed trip. GrabRewards points can be redeemed for vouchers and exclusive discounts on Grab.

We’ve got your back wherever you go

No matter where you are, whenever you travel with Grab, Grab’s Customer Experience team will be there to support you. In the unlikely event of an emergency, users can access local emergency services through the Grab app.

This new service is rolled out in partnership with Splyt to give travellers convenient access to ride-hailing services around the world, freeing them from the six friction points of having to:

Discover and download a new local transport app
Register with a new service
Learn how to use a new app
Cope with language differences
Integrate new payment methods
Engage with foreign customer service.

Grab aims to extend this service to users in other Southeast Asian countries in 2020 subject to regulatory approval

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