ExtractAlpha ships alternative data analytics tool

Source: ExtractAlpha

ExtractAlpha, a provider of unique alternative data sets and predictive models for institutional investors, is pleased to announce the introduction of Insight, a comprehensive alternative data analytics solution for portfolio managers and analysts to understand their portfolio’s exposure to alternative data-driven factors.

Alternative data today plays a key role in the process of asset selection and allocation. Using Insight, portfolio managers and analysts can visualize their portfolio’s overall exposure and drill down into any stock to assess its exposure to ExtractAlpha’s alternative data factors and predictive models. It allows users to quickly uncover the drivers of stock prices and earnings; check the evolution of a stock’s score over time; and evaluate good entry or exit points. In addition, custom watchlists can be monitored for risk and opportunities from a tactical, cross-asset and ESG perspective.

Commenting, Vinesh Jha, founder and CEO: “When institutional investors use similar inputs in similar ways, it generally leads to correlated investment returns. However, those implementing an alternative data solution have realized how they can benefit from data science by adding alternative new data sources to their strategic toolbox.”

“Using ExtractAlpha’s exclusive data and sophisticated analytics, investors can drill down into regulatory, political, and innovation events affecting a company, discover the detail on underlying scores and identify those with especially high or low scores and, therefore, quickly take advantage of alternative data strategies. Insight also scores thousands of stocks every day on a variety of tactical and sentiment factors to improve short-horizon trade timing,” he continued.

Insight applies rigor and creativity in the search for new sources of value and connects investors with interesting and unique new data sources to help them outperform. Essentially, it provides the answers to the questions fundamental managers have, generating predictive insights and improved investment returns.

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