SunGard adds Recognia pattern recognition tools to PowerData components


SunGard Data Management Solutions, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), announced today that it has added Recognia Pattern Recognition tools to its PowerData Components offering, enabling the rapid integration of advanced technical event tools into applications for investors, investment analysts, traders, and other financial professionals.

"Many financial institutions already use applications like our PowerData Excel Add-In to perform fundamental analysis of companies and markets, and our PowerData Components to provide data and charts to Web sites and applications catering both to investors and professionals," commented Janet Crowley, executive vice president of SunGard Data Management Solutions.

"Recognia's technical analysis tools are a logical extension to our offerings, as they provide an alternate means of researching and analyzing the price and performance of securities."

"Technical analysis is the quantitative side of investment research, and has become more important to investors, analysts and brokers the last few years," added Sean Church, president of Recognia. "We're very pleased SunGard has chosen to integrate our product into their customer offerings, and are confident it will help change the way investment decisions are made."

Recognia's tools cover more than 16,000 securities from all major North American exchanges and indices, stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange, and cross currency rates. The Technical Event Stock Screener allows users to search for opportunities by event, filterable by exchange or industry, while the Technical Event Lookup allows users to find technical events and chart patterns for specific stocks. Recognia's Technical Event Alerts allow users to set alert criteria for technical breakouts on events or specific stocks.

Available as PowerData Components, Recognia's tools can quickly and easily be embedded or framed-in to virtually any Web site or application. As part of SunGard's common services platform, these components can also be made available to other SunGard applications like PowerStation, an integrated broker workstation, WealthStation, a workstation for advisors catering to high-net-worth investors, or PowerPortal, a comprehensive investor portal solution for financial services.

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