Activ ships Enterprise Data Integration Suite

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ACTIV Financial (“ACTIV”), the full-service market data vendor, has launched an agnostic data integration platform, designed to mitigate the risk of exposure to established messaging platforms and optimize the total cost of ownership.

As such, the Enterprise Data Integration Suite (EDIS) is a direct response to technology risk and dependency concerns about widely-deployed services such as Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP).

The primary advantage of the new ACTIV platform is that it runs seamlessly alongside commonly deployed industry messaging platforms, allowing existing applications to access alternative data sources without code changes, while giving clients the option to gradually migrate towards a higher-performance, ‘future-proofed’ platform.

ACTIV initially deployed EDIS to three top-tier global investment banks and is now making the platform available to the entire industry. It sees the integration business as a major focal point for 2020 and beyond.

“EDIS is about choice. By introducing a completely agnostic approach to data integration, clients can now consume and manage data as they choose, heralding a new era of opportunity at a time when the value of data has never been greater,” said James Bomer, Chief Operating Officer of ACTIV.

EDIS is vendor-agnostic, providing access to a wide range of off-the-shelf handlers for exchange and third-party sources as well as integration with protocols such as FIX and APIs such as OpenMAMA. The SDK includes support for clients to publish their own internal data or to perform and publish calculations on-demand. Once on the network, clients can distribute the data locally or connect to ACTIV’s global distribution network.

EDIS is layered on ACTIV’s new AOP messaging middleware. AOP has been in development since 2015 and embodies the best features of ACTIV’s original technology platform, re-engineered to maximize performance and longevity on current technologies such as high core-count CPUs and kernel bypass networking.

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