Sberbank automates recruitment of software developers

Source: Sberbank

Sberbank has automated the recruitment of novice developers for a SberStart new program with support from Skillaz, the developer of an eponymous recruitment automation solution.

By using the program, Sberbank plans to cut time to fill. Skillaz technologies enabled Sberbank to reduce the workload of recruiters and increase employment speed.

SberStart is a three-month commercial program that includes adaptation, a Java school, real life tasks, and other activities. The best participants will be offered to work on Sberbank’s leading projects.

Skillaz fully automated the primary communication and candidate data collection at all selection stages. The applicants’ professional skills are tested and their interviews are recorded to be instantly published in candidate profiles and automatically assessed. The system monitors the stage status; if necessary, the applicants can receive notifications via messages and e-mails. Thanks to it, recruiters receive a large amount of data on candidates with detailed analytics facilitating decision making. All HR specialists need to do is schedule in-person meetings with those who successfully passed the selection, and send them to an internship.

Ksenia Martynova, Managing Director, Talent Recruitment, Sberbank,

“Skillaz has been automating mass recruitment at Sberbank since 2017. During that time, 15,000 operators of call centers, consultants at the bank’s branches and sales people were employed. Thanks to it, recruiters spend have as much time on hiring, while our total recruitment expenses dropped by 34%. Now, due to Skillaz we automated software developers’ recruitment for the first time to build our talent pool and cut time to fill company vacancies. It did not take long to see the results; in the first week alone we received a large number of relevant applicant responses.”

Yaroslav Tretyakov, COO, Skillaz,

“We developed a comprehensive solution for Sberbank which will optimize the working time for multi-stage recruitment of software developers. Predictability of candidate flow, high system automation, modern estimation criteria, and transparent analytics make this project one of the most modern ones on the market.”

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