Fidesmo Pay wearable arrives in Germany

Source: Fidesmo

The Swedish technology company Fidesmo launches the wearable payment offering Fidesmo Pay in Germany together with VIMpay and Mastercard.

The wearable payment offering Fidesmo Pay enters the German market today as Fidesmo announces a collaboration with the mobile payment app VIMpay. The collaboration means that VIMpay customers can connect their digital VIMpay Mastercards to any Fidesmo compatible wearable to tap and pay.

- It is a big step for Fidesmo Pay to launch outside of the Nordics, and Germany is the natural next step. We look forward to supporting the German payment ecosystem as it transcends into contactless payments in general and wearables in particular. We believe that VIMpay is a perfect first partner, says Mattias Eld, CEO and co-founder, Fidesmo.
- The future belongs to contactless payments. Especially paying with wearables is becoming more and more popular in Germany. With the integration of Fidesmo Pay into VIMpay we have reached another milestone on our way to a cashless future, says Dr. Peter Schönweitz, CEO and founder of petaFuel and mastermind of VIMpay.

The payment app VIMpay has focused on mobile payment and offers users a simple and convenient way to pay worldwide with wearables or their smartphones using Mastercard. As a bank-independent solution, VIMpay can be used with any German bank account. To pay, you simply transfer money from your current account to the VIMpay account in real time.

- Mastercard always strive to offer customers the most innovative and smooth payment solutions. German consumers adapt new technology quickly and have high demands on safety and flexibility. The collaboration with Fidesmo is an important part of the Mastercard work to develop payment solutions of the future and to offer services that are both safe, easy and flexible for users. We see an increasing demand for alternatives to the traditional payment methods. Fidesmo makes it possible for a wide set of wearables that meet a diversified demand, and we are proud to launch with them, says Arne Pache, Vice President Mastercard.

Payments made with Fidesmo-enabled wearables use a tokenization technology delivered by Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES), which ensures the highest level of security. In setting up a wearable, MDES generates a digital token, a unique number different from the actual card number, assigned to each registrated device. This means it cannot be used for transaction through any other device. For consumers and retailers, every purchase made with a Mastercard through Fidesmo, entail same benefits and guarantees as a transaction made with a physical Mastercard.

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